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Watch our Fit3 video to see how this fun fitness and weight loss program works!

-Mark has lost 40 pounds! Here is what he said: "Let me tell you something, if I can do it, then so can you.  To be fair, you have not seen the entire program yet.  All you have access to are the products on the website at this point.  But starting Feb 1, we will have an entire website devoted to Fit3 and the entire program will be revealed.  It is pretty cool.  AND sustainable.  I have been doing this for over a year and have not gained any of my weight back.  In fact, I have lost a little more.  And I do NOT plan on going back to my original weight.  Ha!"    February 1st they roll out the rest of the program!!   

-I have been doing fit3 for one week. Happy to say I lost 4.2 pounds!! My husband and sister-in-law are doing it with me. They both lost weight too. We are starting our day off with exercise followed by scripture study. Nourish body, mind, and spirit. It has been great! We met with our group on Saturday for a special weigh in. Also my blood sugars are dropping. Saw my Dr yesterday and he is lowering the dose of my medication.

-I weighed in this morning at 236 pounds, which means I am now down 14 pounds from 250 after my first two weeks with my fit 3 program. I think that is particularly significant since I have been trying to loose weight since January 1st, but was able to loose only 3 pounds in the month before I started with the fit 3 system.

-On Wednesday I did measurements and weighed. One week on Fit3. Down 3 pounds, 1-1/4 inch in my hips and 1/4 inch in my thighs. I also noticed Thursday and Friday i am not tired in the morning this week, as I have been previous times I had tried to get back into my morning workout routine!


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Fit3 the latest in weight loss and health.  Six years of research and studies available NOW.   2017  is the year of 'completion'.   Let us help you complete your plan for fitness and weight loss!    Reliv’s proprietary Fit3 program was designed to help people of all health levels create and maintain a healthier body for life. Fit3 products provide advanced nutrition supporting a number of important areas that lead to a more fit you. Get Fit, Feel Fit, Stay Fit!

Fit3TM Fit Kit

Weight Loss and Performance Nutrition 
Find the new you inside. Your Fit Kit includes everything you need to start your fitness and weight loss journey. Inside you’ll find:
- 90-day supply of Fit3 products:  $500 Retail (3 canisters of Active, 3 bottles of Burn and 1 bottle of Purify)
- Welcome Letter
- Fit3 Brochure
-Getting Started Guide and Week 1 Checklist

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Fit3TM Active

Performance Nutrition

 Often the first step in getting fit is shedding some pounds and Fit3 Active’s unique formula is designed to help promote a healthy weight and support an active lifestyle. Two shakes a day give you 20 grams of protein from three sources: whey, casein and non-GMO soy. The result? It keeps you full, fuels workouts, boosts energy and helps muscle recovery.  
Powered by LunaRich®, Reliv's epigenetic superfood, Fit3 Active features cutting-edge ingredients like beet powder and CherryPure® Tart Cherry to improve athletic performance.  

$112 Retail (2 shakes a day 30 days)      

 View Fit3 Active nutritional panel (pdf)            View Fit3 Active product benefits sheet (pdf)

Fit3TM Burn

Weight Loss  $41 Retail (60 count)
Ready to ignite an active metabolism? Then start your day with Fit3 Burn. Just two capsules every morning assist in burning fat and promote a healthy weight when combined with good nutrition and exercise. 
Cutting-edge ingredients like Greenselect® Phytosome Green Tea (leaf) Extract and Careless™ Mango (fruit) Extract support weight loss, metabolic and cardiovascular health.                                                                              

 View Fit3 Burn product benefits sheet (PDF)                                       View Fit3 Burn nutritional panel (PDF)

Fit3TM Purify

Body Purification  $41 Retail (60 count)  
Keep your body in peak performance with Fit3 Purify. This monthly, 10-day body purifier includes a probiotic blend, liver cleanse and metabolic supporter in one. Other cutting-edge ingredients like peppermint extract and asparagus root extract support a healthy digestive track.  Take two capsules at night to purify your body while you sleep. We recommend using Purify the first 10 days each month of your Fit3 program to create healthy bacteria and cleanse your liver.  View Fit3 Purify nutritional panel (pdf)

View Fit3 Purify product benefits sheet (pdf)

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