ReversAge® Anti-Aging Nutrition

Retail: $92 (Ask me about discounts as low as $55.20)

The most complete array of youth-promoting ingredients to fight free radical damage at the cellular level, cleanse, protect and revitalize. Now you can get better with age. With three proprietary complexes that address aging at every level, ReversAge delivers the most complete array of youth-promoting ingredients available anywhere — at a fraction of the cost of alternative anti-aging treatments. 
The Longevity Complex, containing Symbiotropin® and GPC, battles hormonal declines. The Antioxidant Complex, including Co-Q10 and Protykin®, fights free radical damage at the cellular level. And the Herbal Complex, rich in ginkgo biloba, maca, chlorella and more, cleanses, protects and revitalizes. 

Feature:A US Patent
Benefit:There's only one ReversAge.

Feature:Three proprietary complexes — longevity, antioxidants and herbs — with the most complete array of restorative ingredients available in a patented formula
Benefit:It addresses aging at every level, creating balance in the body’s major systems and enhancing overall wellness.

Benefit:It battles hormonal decline by promoting the body’s release of its own Human Growth Hormone (hGH).

Benefit:You’ll help optimize your mental focus and memory.

Benefit:It supports mood and joint health.

Benefit:You'll receive a powerful antioxidant that supports overall health throughout the body.

Benefit:You’ll get heart and cell-protective benefits similar to those derived from red wine.

Feature:Ginkgo Biloba
Benefit:It supports cognitive function and helps reduce pain.

Benefit:You’ll enjoy improved energy levels, vigor and stamina.

Benefit:It helps carry oxygen around the body and to the brain.
Feel young again with ReversAge®.

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Arthaffect® Joint Health

Retail: $69 (Ask me about discounts as low as $41.40)

Combines 20+ ingredients to ease joint discomfort and stiffness while optimizing performance. Our joints are at the center of every move we make. But the wear and tear of an active lifestyle makes it difficult to maintain healthy joint function.  Arthaffect provides a breakthrough nutritional solution for lifelong joint health. The formula’s 20+ ingredients work together to optimize joint performance, whether you’re a world-class athlete or simply finding it harder to move freely as you age. No other joint performance formula comes close. 

Feature: Arthred®, which was proven through $10 million in worldwide clinical trials to support healthy joints
Benefit: You’ll be protecting your joints from the natural wear and tear of an active lifestyle — allowing you to remain active even longer.

Feature: D-glucosamine Hydrochloride, a natural ingredient found in healthy cartilage that has been widely studied
Benefit: You’ll enjoy greater comfort and better joint function.

Feature: Boswellin and Ashwagandha
Benefit: You’ll get the best of traditional medicine with herbs shown to help reduce joint and muscle swelling and relieve discomfort.

Feature: A proprietary blend of 20 ingredients hailed by researchers worldwide for their joint support benefits
Benefit: You’ll receive benefits upfront, while Arthred continues to work long-term to build healthier joints.

Feature: Bioperine®
Benefit: Your body will be better able to absorb and use all of the nutrients in Arthaffect.

Bottom line: Arthaffect works.

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ProVantage®With LunaRich


Sports Performance and Muscle Nutrition with LunaRich® Under Benefits page are details for Athletes.

Retail: $47 (Ask me about discounts as low as $28.20)

This muscle-building formula with 13 grams of soy protein will help improve athletic performance, endurance, recovery and repair. Most of us don’t come close to consuming the nutrients we need to keep our bodies performing at their peak. ProVantage® meets the nutritional needs of physically active people to improve performance, endurance, recovery and repair. Powered by Reliv’s exclusive LunaRich soy powder, this patented formula delivers 13 grams of muscle-building soy protein, plus other advanced ingredients like Tonalin®, MCTs, Creatine, CoQ10 and supercharged amino acids. ProVantage marks a major advancement in the science of sports nutrition. It’s the edge you’ve been looking for.

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Innergize!®Performance Nutrition 


Retail $28 (ask me how to buy it for $16.28)

Innergize increases energy, improves oxygen absorption and strengthens the immune system.  Whether you’re working out or working in the yard, Innergize! is scientifically designed to help you perform your best

The electrolyte-replacement formula features ingredients like ChromeMate® and OptiZinc®, the most readily absorbed forms of chromium and zinc available. Plus, Innergize! contains vitamins, minerals and amino acids to give you added energy, promote oxygen absorption and boost your immune system
Stay in top form — on or off the field — with Innergize! Choose from two great flavors.

Proven Effective: A daily regimen of Reliv Classic® and Innergize! may help reduce fatigue in cancer patients. View the study below.

View Lemon Innergize! nutritional panel (pdf)

View Orange Innergize! nutritional panel (pdf)

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