Soy and Your Health

Soy and Women's Health

An important recent study found that soy food consumption did not increase the risk of cancer recurrence or death among survivors of breast cancer. Women in the highest intake category of soy foods had a 9 percent reduced risk of mortality and a 15 percent reduced risk for recurrence compared to those who had the lowest intake level. Researchers used data from a multi-institution collaborative study called the After Breast Cancer Pooling Project. Breast cancer outcomes were assessed, on average, nine years after cancer diagnosis.

For postmenopausal women with hormone-sensitive breast cancer, another recent study showed those who consumed high amounts of soy isoflavones had a lower risk of recurrence. In addition, evidence suggests that eating soy during childhood and/or adolescence reduces breast cancer later in life

Soy and Men's Health

Researchers at Northwestern University have found that a new, nontoxic drug made from soy’s isoflavone genistein could prevent cancer cells in the prostate from spreading to the rest of the body. So far, the cancer therapy drug has worked in preclinical animal studies and now shows benefits in humans with prostate cancer.

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