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OPTIONS….. You can order as a Customer, Preferred Customer, or Distributor and order at a discount of 20-40% off. Click Here to get to a page where it explains your options. Please call us with any questions.  

To order as a Customer at retail:  Click Here.  It will lead you to our other site that takes online orders.  You register as a customer and have your own RCN... customer number for future orders.    Not sure?  Take a look at all of our products and prices.  Click Here

To order as a Preferred Customer Click Here. A Preferred Customer pays $10 fee for a full year and will get a 10% discount or if you autoship (monthly or quarterly with $99 minimum order before discount) you get 20% off and free shipping. You have complete control of autoship changes either online or by calling in.

To order at a higher discount register as a Distributor.  YOU can decide whether you are registering just for discount or for income purposes.  Either way it is $40 a year to register and there is NO monthly ordering requirements.  Our products work, we do NOT need monthly requirements!  Click Here to register. (20-40% Discount) Call me if you have any questions 603-362-6066 I can get you a sample order for each discount level.

OPPORTUNITY….. If you love to bless others and need an income whether it be full time or part time please contact us so we can help you! We do this full time and love to help others obtain time freedom with their family and financial freedom too!

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Paul and I have been helping our customers with Reliv products for over a decade in 15 different countries.   We will work with you personally to get your health back on track.   The phone appointment is a way to provide personal service for each of our clients.     If you are going to spend your money why not take it correctly, get some advice, and with it comes a money back guarantee on all retail orders.  Everyone has different health concerns, we are here to change your life.   This is not just powder in a can, we sell you results!  God bless you!

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Paul and Stephanie Collins

With explosion of epigenetics right around the corner, 99.9% of the population has never heard of this research and amazing new science.   Call for information on how you too can be trained and partnership as a Reliv Distributor to help others.  Chances are you know others that are praying for answers for either health or finances.  

If you have been in contact with another Reliv distributor, please contact that distributor for further information. By working with the person who first introduced you to Reliv, you are helping us maintain the integrity of our company. However, if this is your first exposure to Reliv we would love to hear from you!” 


We encourage you to combine the science of LunaRich® with the best customer service and personal attention that you have ever experienced.  Paul and I are proud to represent Reliv and look forward to working with you on your health whether it be for prevention or recovery.

You have a 30 day customer money back guarantee that comes with your order through us.   How can we do that?    LunaRich X works, however it is important that you are instructed to take the right amount and right product.  You might just need the LunaRich X or a combination of products.